National Sales & Marketing Management: For established companies, we work with your inside and outside sales force and distribution network to create and implement marketing and sales programs to increase sales on a national level. We do this for North America. The immediate objective is to build on existing sales while introducing line extensions and filling holes and gaps within the channels you are marketed in. The secondary objective is to evaluate the entire business model and make suggestions for improvement to maximize better efficiency from the inside out and to become more profitable overall.

For new companies entering the industry we help you establish a blue print and go to market strategy and then can take on the role of your out-sourced National Sales Management firm for North America overseeing the day-to-day sales operations of the broker and distributor network.

Broker/Distributor Network Selection: We provide assistance with choosing the broker/distributor network that best fits your needs.

Direct or Distributor Model: If you don’t know which way to position your company and brand, we can help you with that decision.

New Product Lines: We assist with the sales and marketing strategy to launch your new products into the United States and Canada.

Business & Marketing Strategy: We develop an overall “go to market” business strategy to help bring your products and services to market.

Collateral Materials Development: The Avatar Alliance relationship team will assist in developing a comprehensive portfolio of marketing materials to empower your sales staff as well as enlighten your customers. These materials could include: Point-of-Purchase displays, Point-of-Sale items, brochures, logos, product packaging, presentations and website design.

Social Media and Public Relations: The Avatar Alliance team will assist you in developing a comprehensive and successful Social Media and PR program that works synergistically with your sales team.

Inside Sales Program & Development: If you want an inside sales team/telemarketing division, we can help by providing knowledge and insight into the best way to develop this internal division.

Diamond Management™ is a special service offered to companies who are in need of restructuring a division within their company or the entire company. This includes in-house staff evaluation and training to maximize the intended objective. Through this process we empower your employees and your management staff to be highly productive and to step out of the box. The outcome is more overall efficiency and increased enthusiasm. Often times we find the wrong people are sitting in the wrong seats within the company.

Company infrastructure and outer structure analyses and development: Avatar will evaluate your business infrastructure to find out what’s working and not working. We will make recommendations on how to fix the issues.

Feasibility Study: This is a preliminary study undertaken to determine a product’s viability within the market or channel you are targeting. The results of this study are used to make a decision whether to launch your product or not. It is also an analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative. This process can take up to 90 days to complete.

Company Operational Guide: We create an operational guide that shows how your personnel interface with each other through their job description and how they relate to the company.