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We Provide

a corporate model at less than corporate prices

National Sales & Marketing Management

With 38-years’ experience, we are superior at managing the sales strategy and implementation of our clients, including:

Launching New Products

Revitalizing Lackluster Sales

Taking Down Barriers

Supporting Your Marketing Efforts


We provide an experienced national sales manager and a team for administrative support, at a fraction of the cost of hiring new employees.


We are so determined to effectively manage every client’s operations, we limit our client base to only 5 manufacturers at a time.


We evaluate your business from the inside/out. If your infrastructure isn’t sound, your outbound sales will be weak.

We Oversee, Manage, & Implement

every phase of the marketing & sales operation from help with initial packaging & website design (if needed) through to your product landing on the shelves and into your customers’ hands. Most importantly, we help create collateral & sales materials that educate and excite retailers about your product.


We Can help with checking ingredients to see if they are compliant with industry standards.


To say we are compulsive is an understatement. We are sticklersfor detailed follow-through from beginning to end.

Distributors & Brokers

We can help you select distributors and brokers, if necessary, and then constantly interface with them to make sure they are meeting their commitments.


We in specialize distributor trade promotions, store promotions and demos that call attention to your brand.