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Avatar Marketing

for the good of the whole


Our mission is to provide vision, focus and success in the selling and marketing of your products with professionalism and integrity.

If you are selling your personal services or selling a line of products, the goal and intent is the same – to offer something of value to the end user. Our job is to get you where you want to go and do it within a workable budget in a reasonable time line.

Prior to starting Avatar Sales and Marketing, Kim Driggs was co-owner and founder of New Connections Marketing brokerage company in California. Kim and her partner called on all health food stores and distributors. Kim sold the company to her partner to start Avatar Sales and Marketing.

Since 1983, Avatar Sales and Marketing has worked with companies and product lines entering the natural products and organic industry as well as other industries. Our focus is North America (USA and Canada).

We make sure you have sound “intelligence and council” when making business decisions. We want you to have the right resources at your fingertips and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our job is to create a successful business model that gives you security in your every day work, grows your business and most of all, creates fun in doing it!


Avatar Sales and Marketing will help you put together a strategy of how to take your business to market successfully. In order to execute this strategy you have to envision and create a dynamic position for your products.

We will help you develop a plan of growth and a budget appropriate for your business. Then we determine how to get your product to the end user, whether it is through a distributor or by selling direct.

We will evaluate your pricing structure and margins to insure profitability and assist with sales and expense projections.

We will evaluate your business infrastructure and develop a strategy for the successful sales and marketing of your products and services.

Marketing Strategy

  • Develop and implement an advertising budget for the trade and consumer magazines
  • Create and implement promotional campaigns
  • Offer consumer seminar development guidance (if applicable)
  • Teach you how to manage your national product demonstrations or have Avatar manage them for you
  • Trial size samples strategy (if applicable)
  • Training tour for retailers
  • Assist in developing a social media & public relations campaign using our Avatar alliance relationships
  • Tradeshow education and coordination
  • Develop a “go to market” strategy
  • Web site design and management using our Avatar alliance relationships