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“How do I get my product into Amazon?”
Let’s us show you.

Avatar works with an alliance partner who specializes in Amazon. Working with our own Amazon representative, we have been very successful in putting our clients’ products in front of hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

First, we create your customized sales plan, choose your target market among their millions of buyers, and then track content, advertising, and promotions, tweaking if necessary, using A/B testing for sales optimization.

In addition, we also have important relationships with other independent eCommerce retailers, either directly or via health products distributors.

Whether your target is Amazon or other e-tailors, you need professional guidance, a sales strategy, and implementation from eCommerce experts, like Avatar.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Take advantage of our free consultation and decide what is best for your business.
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We Abhor Failure!

I’m sure you don’t have a contingency plan for failure.

We are determined to help you succeed. We will persist, until, together, we cross the finish line.

We keep a tight control on your entire sales management operation.

We give you 38 years of experience, the soundest counsel, best advice, and most detailed implementation possible.

We Are Your Strategic Partner

We achieve results through experience, knowledge, integrity,
persistence, and hard work.