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We Believe

in sharing the process for a successful product launch


We identify the needs and dreams of the business,

what is and isn’t working and why, and how to fix and grow the business.

Avatar Sales and Marketing offers consultation on an hourly basis or a special project fee. Avatar also provides a complete package of national sales and marketing management services on an out-sourced basis. This package can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee costs and benefits while receiving a professional firm with over 30 years of experience and personal relationships.

Avatar has worked with many manufacturers to bring their products to market in the USA and Canada. Avatar can help a manufacturer who wants to enter or build existing sales in the natural/organic, mass and specialty gourmet channels of distribution. We do this by identifying the core essence of the business.


We have helped many existing companies who have become stagnant or flat in sales and have showed them a new approach to their business, ultimately growing their sales.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Take advantage of our free consultation and decide what is best for your business. Give us a call today at 813-852-0041.

Marketing & Positioning
Analysis Overview

Take the first step to reaching your business goals by learning the Whos, Hows, Whats, Whens & Wheres to the Industry.

You will get the most comprehensive educational training and cost analyses from the sales and marketing end of your business. Know your market/industry, players, margins and more. Save on lost time, revenue and resources.

Your Story Helps us Help You

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Do your “Due Diligence”

You need to have prior knowledge before launching your products or approaching brokers, distributors or retailers. This will also provide you necessary data for a business plan. You have one shot to do this right! Call for more details, 813-852-0041.